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My name is Linda and I’m a freelance writer from the UK. I’m a full-time Copywriter with a passion for writing anything from articles to novels. My inspiration comes from creativity, travel and what I see every day. To stay on top of trends, I read up on SEO best practice, spend hours researching new sites and apps, and consider what technology will offer the most benefit to my work.
Of course, as a Copywriter it’s important above all else to be a great writer. To prove my credentials as a qualified Copywriter, I set up the copywriting agency The Write Department three years ago with my wife, Laura. Thinking of starting your own business? You’ll find our FREE Course for new small business owners invaluable as we navigate the pitfalls of running a successful company together.

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creates credibility and understanding; helps answer questions related to your values, expertise, and authority; introduces new visitors to your story; lures prospects back to your site; amplifies your branding efforts--a
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 About.me was born out of the desire to be able to express your online personality across all of your networks: email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  Think about it: every professional network you’re on includes your personal information and your “about me” section is usually just a handful of words. If you’re like most people, that info feels stale by the time you take on the next job or volunteer project. We get bored with ourselves, too! 

  Here’s what we’re about: making your “about me” system(s) easier than ever; giving you the tools and features you need to make sure anyone who contacts you knows who to reach out to; and providing a platform for you to share what you think is awesome about yourself.

  Yep, we make networking fun again.

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